• The environmental impact is paramount, but the insured losses from the oil spill are $1.5 billion. For context, that’s a cat on a par with this winter’s big European windstorm, Xynthia, ($1.74 billion). Slides 14 through 19 or so of this III presentation on catastrophes are an excellent overview of the history of spills and their insurance implications.
  • I know beans about Canadian auto insurance, but I thought this was an interesting look at how Nova Scotia handles minor injury claims.
  • Not too often that a chief actuary rips his former employer for having inadequate rates, but nothing is normal with Citizens and the Florida HO market.
  • One of the first tests of Obamacare will be the voluntary state high-risk pools that will help bridge the gap on the way to the permanent structure in place by 2014. What are states deciding to do? The New York Times provides an overview. Kaiser Health News loads up the links.

BTW: Anybody know what happens when a hurricane passes over an oil slick? Put some credible links in comments.


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  1. […] Bet on the lawyers The Associated Press (via Insurance Journal) had an answer of sorts to my query on what would happen if a hurricane passed over the oil-drenched patch of the Gulf: Good news! […]

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