Assorted PR-ish writings

I write press releases regularly; often they end up in the trade press. Here’s some recent stuff. In all cases, my original submission has been edited – for the better, in all likelihood.

New Issues in Workers Compensation Pose Challenges for Casualty Actuaries (April 2013)

Casualty Actuaries Examining Impact of Healthcare Reform on Property/Casualty Insurance Industry (March 2013)

Actuaries Must Convince CEOs of Benefits of Predictive Modeling (February 2013)

Behavioral Economics Presents Opportunities For Actuaries (February 2013)

As CROs Rise In Prominence Actuaries are Increasingly Filling the Role (February 2013)

Actuaries Can Help Insurers Understand the Complex Challenges of Climate Change (August 2012)

Traditional Hard Market For P/C Insurers Unlikely Despite Recent Rise In Rates (August 2012)

How Predictive Modeling Has Revolutionized Insurance (June 2012)

Text Mining and Statistical Analysis of Crash Reports Can Power Predictive Modeling of Distracted Driving Accidents (May 2012)

Of course, any opinion on this blog is strictly my own and not that of any organization I represent.


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