On the health care beat

Got a couple of checks from Obamacare last week.

I’m self-employed, so I buy my own health insurance – around $17,000 a year for a family of four. My plan failed to hit the government-required 80% medical loss ratio. So last week, I got mini- (and I mean mini-) refunds of about $180 from the past year’s premium. Nice!

As to why four healthy people pay $17K for health insurance, I point to this Department of Labor table from which I clipped the five highest paying occupations:

Simply put, the top-paying professions are:

  • Doctor.
  • Doctor.
  • Doctor.
  • CEO.
  • Doctor.

Looking forward to the day that doctors are held to the same standard as insurance companies – and are forced to disgorge “excess” profits.

OK, not really.


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