Hear ye, hear ye

I’ve written about Obamacare a lot in the past, so should note that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments over its fate.

If you’re really hung up about the issue, NPR (among others) is posting audio and transcripts of the arguments.

I’m not lawyer enough to follow the arguments, though I will note that it’s not hard to envision a conservative court embracing a conservative argument to overturn an unpopular law.

If you click through to the link to the roundup of recent polls, you’ll see that some parts of Obamacare are popular. Those are the parts that require coverage, like the ban on pre-existing conditions. The unpopular parts require consumers to actually pay for things, like the mandate to buy insurance. Of course, without a mandate to buy, you can’t ban pre-existing conditions.

One thing I have learned about the whole episode – regardless of the case’s outcome – is how poorly the general (non-insurance) public understands adverse selection.


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