The Week in a Minute, March 23, 2012

Stuff I meant to mention earlier:

  • SNL estimates (paywall, sorry)  the industry posted 108.2CR, up from 102.5 last year and the worst since 2001. Pulling out mortgage/financial guaranty doesn’t improve things much: 106.4 vs. 101 last year. Blame the weather.
  • M7.4 earthquake in Mexico; Eqecat estimates losses < $100M.
  • Colorado State’s venerable hurricane forecasters bring good news: They predict a light year for hurricanes – too early for numerical projections, but they project the number of storms to be less than the average of the last 30 years. Of course, there were only four storms in 1992, but one was named Andrew.
  • The Hartford, egged on by investor John Paulson, decides to exit the annuity business, sell its life/investment operations and concentrate on the property-casualty business. A couple of ex-regulators say: Not so fast.
  • The CAS will offer Exams 5 and 6 twice a year (2013 for Exam 5 and 2014 for Exam 6), and Exam 9 will become a four-hour test, with no increase in exam materials.

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