Catching up

Got a smartphone, and it’s thrown some funny kinks into my life.

Cool: Going to the store with the bluetooth over my ear. The world thinks I’m on the phone when, in reality, I’m talking to myself.

Not cool: The logistics of blogging. The smartphone takes you away from your computer – that’s the point, right? – but that also makes it harder to post. WordPress has a smartphone app, but it seems clunky, especially in creating hyperlinks. Maybe it’ll get easier as I play around with it.

So I haven’t had the chance to link to this really cool interactive map of the interstate highway system, redrawn to look like a subway map. A copy appears above.

I also wanted to note the passing of centenarian George Keller, who died on his 25th birthday Feb. 29.

Also didn’t get a chance to tell you that the radio program This American Life featured a short bit on kidnap and ransom insurance. (Podcast here. The insurance bit occupies the first five minutes or so.)

It mentions that you are forbidden to tell anyone you have purchased a K&R policy (It makes you more likely to actually be kidnapped.) It didn’t mention that your employer is generally forbidden to tell you if it has purchased K&R cover for you, lest you fall into cahoots with some “kidnappers.”


  • If you’re kidnapped in a Christian company, ask for a Bible. It helps your captor look at you as a human being – safer for you. It also gives you something to read, which helps pass time. However, this is not recommended if you’re held in the Middle East.
  • Don’t look your captor in the eye. It can seem defiant.
  • Don’t try to escape. Most captives are held for ransom, which is a business deal. Says host Ira Glass: “And they need you alive to make money.” If they wanted you dead, you’d already be dead.



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