Math problems

As in, this story has math problems:

The National Chicken Council predicts Americans will eat more than 1.25 billion wings on February 5 as they watch the New York Giants battle it out against the New England Patriots.

That’s a lot of wings. Later on in the story we learn that 111 million people watched last year’s Big Game, so this year, let’s guess that 115 million will watch. And of those 115 million, according to the story, only 23% will eat wings. In other words, something like 27 million people will eat 1.25 billion wings.

Or 46 wings per person.

That’s 4,600 calories, using a conversion factor found here. (Typical adult consumes 2,500 calories a day, and Thanksgiving dinner runs between 2,000 and 4,000.)

Whattaya think?


3 thoughts on “Math problems

  1. Pauldz says:

    1. Problem with data integrity because more than one source was used for data.
    2. The article says 196MM don’t watch the super bowl, and the assumption is made that none of those people eat wings on SB Sunday. I would think one would have to somehow take into account the amount of wings sold to people who aren’t watching the game, but order wings anyway. They mention a restaurant in Toronto that sells 25K wings on SB sunday, but you don’t know how many they sell on a normal sunday.

  2. jimlynch9999 says:

    I guess I should make it clear my beef is with the reporter, who appears to have been passed along information that, well, has a math problem.
    In order:
    1 – All the information I worked with came from a single source, the Chicken Council press release, which Yahoo rewrote. As you note, ultimately the data comes from several places. The Yahoo reporter didn’t take a moment to see whether the numbers were internally consistent. They don’t seem to be.
    2 – I thought the same thing, till I re-read the story. The claim is that 1.25B wings will be eaten by people “as they watch” the Super Bowl.
    Given the numbers, it’s highly unlikely that more than a billion wings will be consumed during the game. And the Chicken Council agrees. Its press release (the Yahoo story has a link) says Americans will consume 1.25B wings across the entire weekend. (It also says that amount is triple the typical weekend.)

  3. Bo says:

    assuming we are talking about wingettes and drumettes (2 of each per bird), this is over 300 million chickens worth of wings. Sounds like a lot until i read that 9 billion chickens are produced each year in the US!

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