Mr. Discount Double-Check

I’ve heard all publicity is good, but I wonder if State Farm is slowly shaking its head over its poster child, Aaron Rodgers, today.

In case you slept through football season, State Farm turned the Green Bay QB’s signature TD move into a marketing campaign, the Discount Double-Check. In the ads, agents and customers do the TD move to show what a good job State Farm is doing.

Well, Green Bay lost yesterday, and the venom turns on the campaign, towit:

Mr. Discount Double-Check had his worst EPA game and his 2nd-worst WPA game of the year Sunday. He totaled 0.02 WPA and -0.4 EPA, averaging just 3.9 AYPA with 264 net passing yds and an interception.

Also saw a lineman break into the Discount Double-Check after he sacked Rodgers. Note the negative connotation to both actions. Heard similar snide comments on the NFL Network after the game.

(All those TLAs, by the way, are stat numbers from Advanced NFL Stats, sort of a footballers Sabermetrics, which is probably worth a look for number geeks.)


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