Pet insurance fraud

Hard to believe and if true, disgusting:

Pet insurance fraud has become Britain’s fastest-growing insurance crime, and has even turned deadly for some dogs and cats.  In their owners’ quest for insurance payouts, some pets are paying with their lives. In one brutal scam, people kill pets and then file for early death benefits, according to reports.

Some owners stage fake accidents and injure their pets in order to “fix” pre-existing conditions or to bilk the companies out of more money, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Fraudulent pet claims quadrupled to $3 million during the last year, but many suspect the figure is significantly higher. The number of claims where fraud was suspected or proven increased by 440 percent for one insurer between 2008 and now.

The article also sites garden-variety fraud, like buying insurance and filing claims for pets who don’t exist.

Pet insurance is growing in the United States


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