Claim of the Week: Twitter edition


PhoneDog LLC filed a lawsuit in July against Noah Kravitz, a writer who worked for the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, company from 2006 until last year. Attorneys for the website, which reviews mobile devices like phones and tablets, said Kravitz owes them $340,000.

The company said when Kravitz resigned, he changed his Twitter name from PhoneDog-Noah to noahkravitz, and kept his 17,000 followers. The company said the followers should be treated like a customer list, and therefore PhoneDog’s property.

Each customer, the lawsuit says, is worth $2.50 a month.

“To claim that they’re entitled to $2.50 per follower per month defies reason,” [Kravitz’s attorney] said. “If that’s the case, (U.S. socialite and model) Kim Kardashian’s account would probably be worth billions of dollars of year.”

BTW, noahkravitz now has 25,000 followers. I don’t see the attraction.


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