Fraud besieges Florida no-fault

I used to live there, so I feel comfortable in saying Florida never saw a scam it didn’t like. Friday, PCI blew the lid (.doc) off Florida no-fault fraud.

Regrettably, the Florida no fault system is completely broken. There are more auto lawsuits in Florida than other no fault states, rates are climbing due to accelerating underlying costs, and rampant fraud is leading to a two-tiered system with most honest Florida consumers paying for the unnecessary medical bills and sky-high attorney fees of those taking advantage of the system.

The tab: $800M over the past five years.

The direct evidence for this is always a bit murky, since it’s hard to investigate fraud when your claims department is swamped, but consider this chart, which shows that bodily injury claims in the state have grown 19% since 2006, while everywhere else claims frequency is flat or lower:

More evidence, and proposed solutions at the link.

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