CAS joins the CERA party

CAS Recognized as CERA Award Signatory.

As announced in August, the CAS requirements to qualify for the CERA designation include CAS Associateship requirements plus credit for CAS Exams 7 and 9, or attainment of the CAS Fellowship designation, plus participation in a rigorous three-day seminar and successful completion of the U.K. ST-9 Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Technical Exam (ST-9 exam).

The three-day seminar will cover the ERM learning objectives tested in the ST-9 exam, and is intended to prepare candidates for successful completion of the exam. We expect to offer the seminar for the first time in March 2012, in advance of the April 2012 ST-9 exam sitting. More details will be announced as soon as they are available.

Last week’s announcement is a big deal in ERM. The U.S. Society of Actuaries already offers the CERA designation. (It invented it.) Several international organizatins offer it as well. I wrote about the issue previously here.

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