2011 disaster frequency ties mark

Via the cat-bond loving Artemis and a few other sites: NOAA has updated its study of $1B+ disasters. (This is measured in 2011 economic losses, not insured losses, which are generally much less.)

The takeaway – 2011 has had nine billion-dollar babies. That ties the post-1980 record (2008), and there’s still 4½ months left, including the nastiest part of hurricane season. For the record:

  • Upper Midwest Flooding, Summer – $2.0B
  • Mississippi River flooding, Spring-Summer – $2.0B-$4.0B
  • Southern Plains/Southwest Drought, Heatwave, & Wildfires, Spring-Summer – $5.0B (so far)
  • Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes, May 22-27 – $7.0B
  • Southeast/Ohio Valley/Midwest Tornadoes, April 25-30 – $9.0B
  • Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes, April 14-16, 2011 – $2.0B
  • Southeast/Midwest Tornadoes, April 8-11, 2011 – $2.2B
  • Midwest/Southeast Tornadoes, April 4-5, 2011 $2.3B
  • Groundhog Day Blizzard, Jan 29-Feb 3, 2011 $2.0B

NOAA has also put together some nifty graphics, perhaps the most striking of which is the map above, showing how the Southeast gets hit most frequently. Many of these graphics are doubtless on the way to a PowerPoint presentation near you.


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