Claim of the Week: He shoots, he scores!

Another hockey shot, another fiasco:

The 11-year-old won a raffle to try to knock a puck across the ice and into a three-inch slot. He did it! He wins $50K!

Not so fast, I guess. His twin brother actually bought the ticket. But that lad couldn’t be found when the ticket was drawn, so the substitute brother gave it a go, with the remarkable result.

Since the raffle winner didn’t take the shot, Odds On Promotions and its insurer, Praetorian Insurance, denied the claim. I guess they have to protect themselves against next time some twin brothers try the ol’ raffle-ticket switcheroo.

Seriously, though, I don’t have a strong feeling on this denial – unlike here and here – other than to note these claims seem to be best honored in their breach. But maybe these one-shot miracles are more common than they seem.

Full disclosure: I used to work for Praetorian’s parent, QBE, but that was before QBE owned Praetorian.


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