Storm season starts spinning

As the stock market kind of, you know, melts, the Atlantic hurricane season appears to be heating up. Artemis channels Accuweather:

So far, a high over Bermuda and a high over the U.S. have formed – in football terms – a blocking wall that has suppressed potential hurricanes off Africa, steering them too far south or spinning them too far east. The easternmost one will move east next week (the 17th), and the westernmost one will move west. To carry on the football metaphor, that leaves a gap in protection over the Southeast U.S.

Meanwhile, the typical developments that make August nail-biting time are spinning out storms with their usual efficiency. Accuweather says three could emerge by Aug. 25. But there are pockets of wind shear that will likely inhibit the Cape Verde storms from turning outrageous for the next couple weeks.



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