TweetWeek through Aug. 7, 2011

  • Emily sputters over Bahamas – || Lost its fire crossing over Hispaniola, should be steered to open sea this week
  • Bond traders on the downgrade – || “They made sure Monday will not be boring!”
  • S&P’s own commentary on the debt downgrade: || Shorter S&P: Stop playing so close to the cliff, politicians
  • MetLife says asbestos claims on the rise | Business Insurance || On the heels of big increases at Hartford, AIG
  • The Week in a Minute, Aug. 5, 2011 « Actuarial Opinions
  • NOAA raises cane forecast – || 19 named (+1), 7-10 hurricanes (pv 6-10); CSU held steady yesterday –
  • RT @iiiorg: RT @RollingStone: Kings of Leon’s insurers could owe more than $15M from canceled tour: ‘Exhausted’ indeed2 retweets
  • CSU forecasters hold their hurricane projections steady – || 16 storms/9 hurricanes/5 severe ones
  • BBC News – Governments, IOC and UN hit by massive cyber attack || China is suspected culprit
  • Typhoon Muifa Forecast to Hit Okinawa Island as Category 4
  • Eqecat: Tropical Storm Emily Threatens Bahamas and SE Florida || Storm may peter out from wind shear, crossing Hispaniola
  • Sinkhole insurance abuse hurts us all – || Actuary: Citizens logged $245M losses on $32M premium in 20102 retweets
  • Meet the insurance executive who lost $3m job after calling his boss a ‘f*****g a*****e’ in bar | Mail Online
  • Oops! Forklift Smashes $1M Worth of Australian Wine || That’s Homer Simpson at the wheel – d’oh!
  • Tropical Storm Emily Threatens Antilles, Concern for U.S.

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