TweetWeek through July 17, 2011

  • How bad would Japan #typhoon be – AlertNet || 9-12 ft storm surge, residential damage, floods up to 8 mi inland
  • Cat 3 #typhoon expected to strike Japan Tues. – || Curling parallel to islands, could hit anywhere on coast, or just miss
  • RT @InsuringFLA: Citizens Property closed on $900M bond sale; has over $16B in claims-paying ability, still short for 1-in-100 yr. event.
  • The Week in a Minute, July 15, 2011 « Actuarial Opinions
  • Eqecat: Super typhoon tracking toward Japan || Next 72 hours are key to determining path1 retweets
  • Moody’s: U.S. Downgrade Would Trigger 7K Municipal Ratings Cuts || P/C industry is big muni buyer
  • House Approves Flood Insurance Program Renewal, Reforms || Senate still needs to vote; program would expire 9/30
  • URGENT – Validus tops Allied World’s bid for Transatlantic | Reuters || Offers 14% more, says hostile takeover possible1 retweets
  • RMS expands and upgrades Europe Windstorm Model |
  • Munich Re – Economic losses from 2011 = $265B, break annual record ($220B in 2005) || $60B in insured losses 5X normal.1 retweets

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