TweetWeek through June 26, 2011

Where was I?

  • Debate over Solvency II continues. There is growing view in London this could be a delay too far. Lloyd’s briefing next week should be good!
  • Now that Osama & Whitey have been found the FBI says it’s redoubling its search for Richie’s older brother on Happy Days
  • Bermuda reinsurer property catastrophe rates up 8-12%: Analysis | Business Insurance || But execs glum on casualty rates
  • EU Council proposes delaying Solvency II until 2014 – IFAonline || Lots of jockeying on this issue lately
  • Analysts Look at Challenges Facing Reinsurance Stocks || Coverage of CAS Reinsurance Seminar
  • Pricing Reinsurance Risks Abroad || CAS Reinsurance Seminar
  • Claim Costs From Lightning Continue to Rise; the Culprit Is Often Expensive Electronics :
  • Christchurch aftermath: Area split in four zones, with worst basically abandoned – || Maps here:
  • Anatomy of a Data Breach – || Nice Advisen/Chartis white paper on the scope of breaches, their cost and how to avoid
  • FSA hints on relaxed Solvency II deadline @Intelect_Ryan @_moneymarketing @ParaPlanScot #solvencyII
  • EU watchdog dismisses talk of delay to Solvency II | Reuters
  • Rep. Jim Boyd says @ insurance forum if you don’t like assessment now, after next storm will be worse. Storms won’t go away.
  • Aon: U.S. Insured Weather Losses Top $15.5 Billion This Year
  • Morgan Stanley: P&C insurers have $15B excess capital || ACE has $6.5B, Ren Re has $2.5B; AIG Global deficient $2B to $4B
  • Even Low Blood Alcohol Level ‘Buzz’ Unsafe for Driving: Study
  • Lawsuit over WTC tower collapse can proceed | Business Insurance
  • Solvency II news: Deadline Delay Fever Special « Solvency II Wire || Always excellent S-II site tracks the delay rumors
  • Latest New Zealand earthquake classified as new event for insurance purposes
  • Supreme Court rejects global warming lawsuit | Business Insurance || This and Wal-Mart – busy Monday at the Court
  • Supreme Court Denies Huge Sex Bias Class Action Against Wal-Mart
  • Chart of the Day: Rates at the bottom « Actuarial Opinions || Historical evidence for a hard market
  • Delay likely for Solvency II implementation – || 12-month delay would give companies, regulators time to catch up

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