Eqecat: Tornado-season tab tops $2B already

$2B to $5B is Eqecat’s estimate.

So far, it’s the busiest tornado season ever, as this NOAA chart shows:

So far, so bad

It’s a bit tough to read, but the chart shows the cumulative number of tornadoes in a year. The black, incomplete line shows this year’s activity. The fact that it is higher at end-April than all the other lines means there have been more tornadoes in the U.S. this year (835 through April 28) than in any previous year at this juncture. (Previous record: 556.)

(Incidentally, the words inflation-adjusted in the chart title refer to NOAA’s adjustment for the fact that better reporting nowadays means more tornadoes are reported. NOAA in essence is making the chart an apples-to-apples comparison.)

In other news, Eqecat points out the rain those storms dumped is making its way to the nation’s rivers. The Ohio River and the Mississippi south of Cairo, Ill., are well above flood stage, with more to come.

And wildfires in Texas have probably created $100 million in insured losses.


One thought on “Eqecat: Tornado-season tab tops $2B already

  1. […] was hasty in proclaiming this year’s tornado season the worst ever, picking up a chart from NOAA that showed more tornadoes reported at this point than in any year […]

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