TweetWeek through March 19, 2011


Again, Japan vs. the world


  • RT @reactionsnet COMMENT: Japan, one week on My two cents on the earthquake’s effect on #insurance and #reinsurance
  • RT @iiiorg Wondering how insurance coverage for nuclear accidents works in the U.S.? A primer and resource guide: #japan #nuclear
  • Eqecat: Japan quake a “seismological black swan.” Given was thought too old to shake a 9.0. Zone that shifted was size of Indiana
  • Whither Japan’s radioactive plume –
  • EQECAT estimates Japan quake at $12B to $25B, including tsunami: || Way lower than AIR’s $15B to $35B excluding tsunami
  • RT @EQECAT – Japan earthquake updates re. reinsurance & cat bond markets (15th Mar) by @artemisbm || Great daily summary
  • 6.2 quake near Mt. Fuji, SW of Tokyo – || Expect another $0.5B insured losses, Eqecat says
  • FT Alphaville » What Japan’s earthquake could mean for reinsurers – part one
  • Tsunami hit coast has exposures of $24bn: (h/t Robert Bear)
  • In Japan, the public bears most of the risk of earthquakes » Insurance Industry Blog
  • Japan Earthquake: Japan Quake-Hit Region to Suffer $171 Billion Economic Loss: Credit Suisse – CNBC
  • Aflac Dumps Duck Voice Actor For Tasteless Japan Tweets – CNBC || He did the same thing after 9/11.



  • Crossroad of ERM « Riskviews || Overheard at Chicago’s ERM symposium
  • AIG denies Chartis’ Moor full bonus after boosting reserves | Business Insurance || He only got $1.71M bonus, poor bubby.
  • All Quinn bidders seek claims bailout – || Zurich’s prospects appear dim
  • Solvency II: Complex engineering task creates ‘skills crunch’ – || ‘It is a big like building a jet airliner.’
  • 2010: Number Of U.S. Companies Posting Combined Ratios Over 100 Triples | PropertyCasualty360
  • RT @PrezMike2010 Almost forgot to say Happy Pi Day! Oh and in 5 years, Pi day will fall on 3/14/16! –
  • SOA alters path to CERA credential, expands ERM coursework

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