Strictly personal: new gig

Starting next week, I’ll be guest blogging at Terms + Conditions, published at the Insurance Information Institute web site. Announcement is here.

It’s quite an honor, as over the past four years, blogger Claire Wilkinson has done terrific work and has built a substantial audience. But Claire will be taking a well-deserved blogging break for a few weeks. I’m flattered they asked me to fill in, and I hope I can do half as well as she has.

I’ll still post here – probably the same schedule I’ve adopted since Jan. 1 – one or two blog posts a week and a dozen or so tweets.

I won’t cross-post (post the same article on both sites), because it has always annoyed me when bloggers do that. Anyway, they are different blogs with different approaches and different readerships.

However, I will tweet when I post on I.I.I., and that will end up in my blog’s weekly Twitter roundup. So if you are obsessed with what I have to say, you’ll still be able to get to it via this site.

Better though, check out my new digs – this is a great reason to subscribe to Terms + Conditions.


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