Aon releases political risk map

The map is highly interactive, but here is a screen grab:

A world of opportunity

The real map is here. It gives you the ability to zoom in on a particular country or region or to highlight countries with threatened by a particular risk. Here for example are countries judged to have a risk of nonpayment of sovreign debt:

Payment in doubt

These don’t translate well as I have to shrink the image to fit the blog’s formatting. But on the main map, you can zoom in to check out an individual country, or you can select that country from a drop-down.

One quibble: After you have zoomed in on a country, all other countries appear gray. That prevents you from gaining any information as you scroll. Once you click on a new country, that country changes to the color representing its risk level. I would have preferred that countries kept their “risk-color” even as you zoom in.

But overall, a fun and informative map.


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