COTD: Bonus sinkhole edition!

Via III’s daily report, I see Florida has published results of a sinkhole data call. Remember the state has had a remarkable increase in sinkhole claims that correlates positively with growth in the number of public adjusters and negatively with the number of hurricanes.

The state report has a ton of data actuaries can sift through – frequencies, severities, open and closed claims – so an actuary working on the issue would do well to download a copy.

I pass along this Chart of the Day, which shows the growth in sinkhole losses in the southeastern counties of Dade and Broward, a good 300 miles from the sinkhole belt of the Tampa region, Pasco, Hernando and Hillsborough counties:

Sinking is rising.

The report modestly notes:

Not only are the number of claims on the rise, so is the total loss and expenses. This is statistically significant due to the fact that this area is generally not subject to sinkhole activity.

Which is a nice way of saying there’s something low, but it’s not a sinkhole.


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