Strictly personal: Mom’s World Series pick

“This is probably the first time in my life I’m rooting for an American League team,” Mom tells me. She likes the pitching coach; she’s picking the Rangers.

She’s been right exactly half the time so far this post-season – not bad considering the three favorites – New York, Philadelphia, and Tampa – are all out.

“Sometimes you watch and you can tell some teams have more desire,” she says. Philly, she says, didn’t care.

As for never rooting for the AL before – come on, Mom. The Mets played in ’69, ’73 and ’86. You rooted against them! (To Mom, all New York teams are evil.)

Briefly, here’s Mom’s Rules on Rooting::

  • For the Cubs.
  • Against the New York team.
  • For the National League.

After that, who cares? Have a beer!

Me? As a son, I’ll remain prodigal and go with the Giants, who haven’t won since Willie Mays was the Say Hey Kid.

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One thought on “Strictly personal: Mom’s World Series pick

  1. Lynda says:

    Go ahead and be prodigal. She’ll cook the fatted calf anyway!

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