Medmal for hospitals set to pass $3,000 per bed

That’s the estimate coming out of Aon’s annual medical malpractice study. I blogged about the study here, but National Underwriter picked up this tidbit:

Though claims against hospitals declined for a good part of the last decade, a new analysis from Aon Risk Solutions concludes that the frequency of claims against hospitals is on the way up.

“Keep an eye on your own data; look at your benchmarks,” advised Erik Johnson, leader of Aon’s health care practice and author of the analysis, “Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability Benchmark Analysis.”

Mr. Johnson said that tort reform, a focus on patient safety and technology, and overall sympathy toward health care providers drove the drop in frequency, which took some time to realize because of the long-tail nature of the claims.

“Now there has been no new tort reform and existing reforms have eroded,” Mr. Johnson observed.

The story had some data, so I made a chart:

Going up

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One thought on “Medmal for hospitals set to pass $3,000 per bed

  1. Lyle says:

    On question on malpractice payouts how are they distributed between medical care expenses that would be covered by insurance, long term care expenses, lost wages and other economic damages and non economic damages. For the first item if you went to single payer health care it would go away, as these costs should be covered by the single payer. I have never seen anyone break down the payouts into categories.

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