Strictly personal: Mom picks the LCS

In the first round, resident 90-year-old baseball expert Mom went two-for-four. Really, that should be two-for-three, because she picked against the Yankees.

Like many (OK – virtually all) baseball fans outside New York, she hates, hates, hates the Yankees. (Before I could move to New York – to Midwesterners, New Jersey is the same as New York – I had to pledge not to root for the Yankees or Mets. Easy pledge.)

So she picked the Giants and the Phils right, which makes sense “because I’m really a National League fan,” she reminds me.

For the NLCS, she likes the Phillies. “Their pitching has gotten better as the season has gone on, and I like Jayson Werth.” Werth grew up in Central Illinois. My Mom lives there.

In the American League, she likes the Rangers. (Well, really she hates the Yankees, but it works out the same.) Still likes the Rangers pitching and pitching coach Mike Maddux, “and good pitching beats good hitting.”

She does give credit to C.C. Sabathia – “boy, when he was with Milwaukee [and his free agency loomed] I wished the Cubs would have got him.”

I also got two right last round: Phillies and Yankees. This time, I’ll pick the Phils in the National and – sorry, Mom – the Yankees in the American.


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