Strictly personal: Mom’s playoff picks

Knows her baseball

My Mom, who is 90, watches more baseball than you, guaranteed. When she was a kid she wanted to grow up to be an announcer, because she knew the boys would never let her be a shortstop. (Mind you, when she was a kid in the 30s, they invented the baseball announcer.)

So Mom watches maybe 4-5 hours of baseball a day, every day, March to November. She knows what she’s talking about. I asked her for a name for her guru-ology, and she said “a Cub fan, having a good time.”

Here are her first round picks, with piquant commentary.

National League

Giants vs. Braves: Mom likes the Braves. Derrek Lee (former Cub) is at first base. Bobby Cox is a great manager. However, she picks the Giants.

Phillies vs. Reds: Goin’ with the Phillies. They’re a better all round team – pitching is better, and they’ve been in the playofffs before. Cincinnati has been up and down all year. But the pitching is what makes the Phils a winner.

American League

Yankees vs. Twins: “The big contest,” Mom says. “Minnesota is the best team in either league, the way they’re playing right now. I may be wrong, but then I’m from South Dakota.” (If you don’t understand the reference, get a map.)

Rays vs. Rangers: Likin’ the Rays. They have the best chance against Minnesota (in the LCS). “I haven’t seen Texas that much. Greg Maddux’s brother is the pitching coach, so they have good pitching.” But she takes Tampa Bay. “I think they’ve played a tougher schedule.”

Who do I pick? Well, I think you should listen to Mom before you listen to me. But I’ll go with Braves, Phils, Yankees, and Rays. Feel free to critique in comments.

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