Marry an actuary

Yeah, actuaries are known for being steady and earnest workers, but it turns out we’re that way as lovers, too.

A study in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology compiled 2000 Census data on divorce rates. As noted in the blog Overcoming Bias, dancers & choreographers had the highest divorce rates, with 43.8% of the ones who married being divorced at Census time.

The full list is here, with professions ranked by their accuracy of a regression model the authors created. As far as I can tell, that ranking only shows how lousy the regression model was.

I took the list and sorted it by the actual divorce rate. Actuaries ranked 499th, with only 7.6% having jumped ship. Claims personnel clocked in at 199th, underwriters at 234th and agents at 377th, all three relatively close to the national average. The accompanying chart shows the divorce rates of each.

Bliss for actuaries

Agricultural engineers finished last (or first, really), with only 1.78% divorcing. A couple of other professions had divorce rates of zero, but I’d bet that stems from a small sample size.

(h/t Kevin Drum)


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