CAS swag

Makes Paris Hilton jealous

Haven’t been to a CAS conference in a while, so I was a bit surprised at the copious gifting from friendly sponsors. The cell phone picture above features:

  • The ubiquitous tote bag, this one from Pryor Associates.
  • Faux leather portfolio from EMB.
  • A clear plastic bag for carry-on liquids, again from Pryor.
  • A cell phone holder from the CAS.
  • A Liberty Mutual pen.
  • A Navigant highlighter.
  • A portable box of office essentials – stapler, rubber band, paper clips, tape dispenser, etc., from Pryor.

I failed to get some other stuff into the pic – lip balm (Navigant Pace Claims Services), eyeglass wipes (Pryor) and a fat sturdy pen with a green light (Pinnacle).

So much stuff that I lost an LED keychain light, so I can’t tell you who gave it away. Oh, and there’s a mag light floating around here somewhere.


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