Claim of the week: malpractice edition

Fox News:

A Florida judge is filing his own medical malpractice lawsuit after a foot-long sponge was left inside him following surgery at a West Palm Beach Hospital.
Nelson Bailey underwent surgery last year at Good Samaritan Medical Center to treat his diverticulitis, according to the Miami Herald, but his pain only got worse following the procedure. The 67-year-old underwent several CT scans, but doctors at the hospital continuously failed to locate the source of his pain.
It wasn’t until five months later, when doctors finally identified the massive — foot-long by foot-wide sponge — that was left behind. Bailey had surgery at another hospital in March to remove the sponge, which had begun to literally rot inside of him. As a result of the infection, surgeons were forced to remove part of his intestine.

OK, I don’t see mention of an insurance claim, but is there any doubt?

Miami Herald has additional, gross details.


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