The best of Monte Carlo

Though lacking veracity, Steve Grabber’s reports on Monte Carlo for Reactions magazine are spot on. Sample:

To: Traceygrabber@fishnets.comFrom: Monty T18:00 Would you believe it I have managed to crash a party on an actual yacht just outside the actual marina. It has been chartered by Voidoids, the run-off company. OK it could sink at any moment and OK one of those Sleazy cruise ships, the size of two aircraft carriers on top of one another, is virtually blotting out the view, but it is a yacht and I’m on it.

18:20 Had to make a hasty exit from the Voidoid charter as a group of yobbos from the Sleazy cruise liner managed to get on board and started a food fight with a party of hammered Swedish brokers. They just spoil it for everyone else. Am now in the Hotel Hyperbole Palace looking for the Salon Gonaedes. The reinsurance law firm Feeze, Feeze and Morefeeze is having a drinks do and this is one of the few opportunities to get free facetime with Hugo Morefeeze. They’ve been advising us on potential conflicts of interest around remuneration. They’re very hot on remuneration, Hugo has a Bentley to prove it! Only joking. we must get Hugo and Mrs Hugo over for dinner once we’ve upgraded the wine cellar and I have that humidor installed.

(h/t @ReactionsNet)

Complete “coverage” at the following links:

I’m sure there’ll be another update or two via the #rvmc2010 hashtag on reactionnet’s twitter feed.

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