Attention, sports fans

Saints Coach Sean Payton had Chinese drywall problems. The Paytons were building a house when Katrina hit. The subsequent materials shortage forced suppliers to buy the infamous drywall that leached toxic fumes.

After about a year, little things started to go wrong. There was trouble with their computer, then the microwave, phones and air-conditioning. Appliance problems seemed like normal kinks associated with new construction.

“I noticed the sterling silver trays and jewelry were turning really quickly, but I chalked it up to Louisiana humidity,” Beth said.

Problems kept cropping up, and in March 2009, the contractor asked to take a wall sample. It took a month to get the test results. A month after that, the Paytons were living in a rental home……..

……..They stripped the house back to the studs and put in new plumbing and electrical.

Note that everything seems OK now, and the article has lots of pictures of how to live large like a football coach.


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