Bedbug insurance

A Philadelphia-area woman is suing a furniture store claiming it leased her furniture infested with bedbugs and refused to take it back when she complained.

The suit filed Thursday by Robin Boyd claims Aaron’s Sales and Lease in Norristown rented her the contaminated furniture a year ago. Boyd says she immediately began suffering from bites that eventually led to hair loss, anxiety and depression.

Attorney Barry Gultanoff says Boyd, now of Pottstown, asked the store to pick up the furniture and void her lease, but the store refused.

Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood and can be difficult to eradicate. They are active mostly at night and hide during the day near where people sleep. Adults can survive more than a year without eating.

(Via ClaimsJournal.) I’ve never had them, thank goodness, but I gather bedbugs are one of the world’s all-time bummers, and this year New York newsies decided they were the perfect summer story.

So the clock has been ticking on this:

The legislation provides that insurance companies must reimburse renters, homeowners, co-op and condo owners who experience a bedbug infestation for all infestation-related costs, including: extermination services, cleaning of the insured’s property and personal property (such as clothing and bedding), as well as the cost of replacing items which cannot be treated or cleaned, like mattresses or furniture.

Average cost of removing bedbugs is about $7K.

But every cloud has a silver lining. This one: beagle videos!


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