The Medicare actuary’s parallel report

Regarding today’s Medicare trustee report, Bloomberg adds:

[Social Security and Medicare Chief Actuary Richard] Foster’s office issued a parallel report today, separate from the one written by the trustees. It said the projections in the trustees’ report “do not represent the ‘best estimate’ of actual future Medicare expenditures,” the actuaries wrote in their separate report.

Under the “alternative scenario” from Foster, the trust fund wouldn’t be able to pay full benefits a year earlier, in 2028. Long-term effects would be more significant, the actuaries said. In 75 years, the deficit between Medicare’s spending and revenue would be almost triple the trustees’ projection, Foster’s office said in its report.

Has anyone seen this parallel report? I rooted around the ‘nets and found nothing. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just saying I would like to see it.

Update: Found it! (h/t to Tom Maguire in Comments)


2 thoughts on “The Medicare actuary’s parallel report

  1. Tom Maguire says:

    Actually, the url is cited in the Statement of Actuarial Opinion of the main Medicare Trustees Report; that is where the actuary writes:

    “…the financial projections shown in this report for Medicare do not represent a reasonable expectation for actual program operations”

    This should work:

  2. […] Foster: Chief actuary for Social Security and Medicare, Foster was compelled to clear his throat and point out that projections in the Medicare trustees’ report did not synch up with the […]

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