Elsewhere in actuary land

  • If you remember the perpetuity from theory of interest, you’ll be amused that it’s making a comeback.
  • In a first, FDIC files a D&O lawsuit against IndyMac directors.
  • The Economist reports Italy’s “sky high” auto premiums: $515 a year. Zoiks!
  • A lot of people liked my links to Claude Penland’s research on actuarial excecutive comp, so I dug up this article on paying executives in debt instead of stock.
  • I only thought hedge funds wanted to bet on hurricanes.
  • I was a bit skeptical – rightly, it turns out – about all those Toyota accidents, recalling my days in Florida. Every day the paper had a story about an older driver who hit the gas instead of the brake. One poor guy drove off a drawbridge, but made it to the other side, just like James Bond.

One thought on “Elsewhere in actuary land

  1. […] thanks to Actuarial Opinions, web casinos are taking hurricane bets. This entry was posted in Insurance Trends. Bookmark […]

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