A show I would watch

In an interesting dissection of where AIG will get the money to pay off its $725 million class action settlement, D&O Diary throws out this tidbit:

Somehow it seems fitting that just this past week there were news reports that during a recent lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, where [ex-AIG chairman and CEO Hank] Greenberg was having lunch with former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill, [Eliot] Spitzer approached Greenberg, stuck his hand out, and asked Greenberg if he would appear on Spitzer’s CNN show. Unsurprisingly, Greenberg declined. Can you imagine the look on Greenberg’s face? The world is a very strange place sometimes. Or, at least there are some strange inhabitants.

The whole article is a lot more meaty and points out that the Ohio settlement puts the tab for securities litigation from AIG’s hinky pre-2005 deals above $1 billion.


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