David Axene, actuarial folk hero

David Axene runs the tiny shop that found the mistakes in Anthem Blue Cross’ California filing – the one that called for increases up to 39% and, in my opinion, resuscitated Obamacare.

L.A. Times runs a profile on Axene, telling how his shop tracked down the flaws in Anthem’s work while Axene himself fought a severe blood infection. Quoth consumer advocate Anthony Wright:

He slew the giant. It was David versus Goliath, except David was armed with a calculator rather than a slingshot.

Axene, incidentally is an occasional blogger, posting here. It’s mostly personal – he’s trying to lose 225 pounds – but it does include a position paper on health care reform he wrote late last year.

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One thought on “David Axene, actuarial folk hero

  1. […] David Axene: The operation: A tiny space tacked onto the back of the house and affectionately called “the outhouse.” The staff: one son, one daughter-in-law and six other folks who work out of their houses. Axene’s little shop found the great big error in Anthem Blue Cross’ California filing that torpedoed a 39 percent rate increase request and may have revived Obamacare. Can somebody do a screenplay about this guy? I would pay to see the scene where Axene  puts in 66 hours during a week spent flat on his back in a hospital bed, “an IV in one hand and a cellphone in the other,” as the LA Times put it. […]

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