Claim of the month

A moment, please, for Steven Harder of who fell from an excavator in 2004 and suffered a brain injury.

Over the years he received $414,000 in workers’ comp claims from State Fund Insurance. And he sued the manufacturer of the equipment he had been using when the accident happened.

His eyes became extremely sensitive to light, so sensitive that he had to wear dark glasses all the time, even during visits to the eye doctor. And he could not walk well. As his lawsuit progressed, he arrived at court in a wheelchair.

The wheelchair was probably a mistake. Claims Journal takes it from here:

At a lunch recess, the Judge Pro Tem witnessed Harder walking to a restroom with a normal gait and without the assistance of a wheel chair or any other type of assistance, the DOI said.

Undercover video was obtained of Harder on Sept. 10, 2008, showing him wearing a wet suit and engaging in mining activities, the DOI said. It was noted that during these activities, Harder was not wearing a hat or dark glasses. He was observed using a cane only occasionally.

Turns out Harder wasn’t injured on the job, the California Department of Insurance alleges. He was hurt in an auto accident shortly before and staged the work accident so he could file a claim.

He’s in the Yolo County Jail, charged with insurance fraud.


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