Not bats in the belfry, but barking mad in the attic

From the front lines of the claims wars: A Texas nanny goes to the store. While she is away, some prankster enters her home and shuts a 100-pound dog up in the attic. Linda Bassett-Coleman of Galveston Insurance Associates takes up the tale:

When the nanny came back from the store, that dog must have heard her and started running around in her attic trying to find a way to get out or to get her attention.

Well, needless to say it got her attention because her attic was not floored, so every time one of those 100-pound-backed dog feet hit the drywall ceiling, a leg went through the drywall making holes in every ceiling in her home.

So the nanny pulls down the attic steps to figure out what’s going on.

About the time the steps came down, so did the dog, except through the drywall of her living room ceiling between the rafters. The dog landed with a thud, looked at the nanny and shot out of the front door that still stood open from the nanny coming in with the groceries.

So is this a covered claim on a homeowners policy? Apparently yes – the key being the policy doesn’t cover damage your own dog does to your home, and this was someone else’s dog.

(via National Underwriter)


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