Elsewhere among actuaries

  • Estimates on insurance losses from BP’s oil spill continue to hover between $1.4 billion and $3.5 billion. The spill has driven rates up 50% for offshore energy cover, according to Reuters. Here’s what’s been announced so far, via Insurance Information Institute.

Spreading the pain

  • S&P on reserve releases: The well is about dry, lads.
  • NAIC will be studying ramifications of principles-based reserving on the life side.
  • Boards may not realize all the work Solvency II is heaving at them, sez an EMB managing partner. Viz.: Verify that the company understands and shares its vision of what is an appropriate risk. Yikes.
  • Also in Solvency II news, Fitch runs through the syllogism.
    1. Solvency II regs will require more capital.
    2. Some insurers could struggle to raise that capital.
    3. Those insurers could be downgraded.
  • I used to think ‘fart’ was a dirty word, till I heard it used in a Disney Channel promo. Thus, this Chinese Drywall story is SFW.
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