May 21: Elsewhere with the actuaries

Ever had a week when you kept thinking more days had passed than actually had – like you briefly think it’s Thursday, but suddenly remember it’s really Wednesday? Then you get all bummed out because the weekend is that much farther away. That was me this week, so Friday’s been a long time coming.

It is Friday, right?

  • Here’s a bid to get IT costs included in the medical loss ratio.
  • Mercury General is in some lukewarm water because the chief actuary is the boss’ nephew.
  • The Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and the Institute of Actuaries may soon merge. More here.
  • A chart of FEMA disasters since 1953.
  • New York Times bloviates on what would happen if a hurricane went over the oil slick. Insurance Journal weighs in, emphasizing a hurricane might delay cleanup efforts.
  • And as for WellPoint, well, Fortune wonders if it is the “worst-managed HMO,” though it concludes …….. probably not.
  • Here’s a familiar face:

    Explains a lot, eh?

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