May 14: Elsewhere in Actuary Land

  • Hey, the Hartford is 200 this week! That’s really old, as in John Adams was alive.
  • Not everyone thinks AIG’s Q1 was good news.
  • More insurance bashing from Obama. I like the president and all, but if the insurance industry were the only thing wrong with health care, the problem would have been solved decades ago.
  • Washington Post on medical loss ratios.
  • More on what happens if a hurricane passes over an oil slick.
  • This is fairly pedestrian stuff regarding New Hampshire’s health insurance pool, but be sure to scroll down to where fair reader is introduced to the that awful malefactor, Risk Based Capital. “By all accounts, the RBC formula was developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, is a standard used by private insurance companies . . .”
  • Thursday night, sipping a German weissbier (Weihenstephaler), I noticed that next week is American Craft Beer Week. I feel like a traitor. You should be a conscientious actuary and start next week’s work today.

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