May 7: Elsewhere in actuary land

Stuff I should have gotten to this week:

  • American Academy of Actuaries came out for putting insurance under a federal systemic risk regulator (with some help from the states). White paper pdf is here. Not too surprisingly, the plan would create an office of the actuary, which would do a lot of the heavy lifting.
  • AIG turns a $15 billion profit in Q1, helped by invstment results. P&C subsidiary Chartis saw its combined ratio creep up to 102.5 from 96.7.
  • Parisian fare dodgers buy insurance. (Cribbed this off Actuarial Outpost.)
  • If you are analyzing Chinese drywall claims, the cost estimates in this story will be helpful. (Link has the most annoying popup in history, sorry. Just wait 10-15 seconds and it will go away.)
  • Wal-Mart’s monster discrimination class action: 1 million strong.
  • NCCI’s state of the WC market: 2009 had CY combined ratio of 109, vs. 101 a year earlier. AY combined was 107, up from 102.
  • Florida passes sane property insurance reforms. Will Crist veto?
  • Kaiser Family Foundation mimics my take on the Actuary vs. CBO debate, and adds some hand-wringing about how models aren’t perfect.
  • Best of LOLgraphs (a couple are PG-13).

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